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Mondays are always a mixed bag for me. I always start work very early which is hard but I am also surrounded by some amazing people which get me excited for the week.

Mondays are always hard food wise but I do the best I can. All in all not too bad of a food day.

Day 1 in Week Target 29
Food Points Count
Coffee + 1 Piece French Toast + 2 Sausage + 1 Egg White -10 19
Leftover Meatloaf + Leftover Mashed Potatoes + Cocoa Coffee with sugar -10 9
Tacos + Mexican Rice -16 -7
1 Lemon Wafer Cookie -1 -8
Total: 37
Weekly points used: 7 – Remaining: 42 – Overall: Could have been better but not a disaster

Table provided byRoni’s Food Journal Generator.


I weighed in today at 171lbs. Not the 170 I was hoping for but still very exciting. Looking for another loss this week.


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I was starving the other day and didn’t have much time or many groceries in the house. This may not be orignial but it sure was delicious. For those of you who follow Weight Watchers this counts as 3.  For a more filling snack or for breakfast add a piece of free fruit on the side. Not too bad.


1/2 Cup Non Fat Greek Yogurt (I used one from Trader Joes)

1 T  Fruit Preserves (I used a local, all natural blackberry one)

1/4 Cup Something Crunchy (I used a crunchy cinnamon fiber cereal that was a little like granola)

Instructions: Swirl the preserves into the yogurt. Top with crunchy topping

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A brand new blog and I already am slacking off in the posting department.

This week I have survived lots of snow and eating out and still managed to stay on track. It looks like I am on track to weigh in at 170lbs tommorow. That makes me down 10 pounds. In fact I was able to get into a pair of pants that was unwearable not too long ago. They are a bit tight but I can get them on and zip them. That’s a victory in my book. (more…)

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So this is techincally day 1, but not really. You see I started trying to lose, weight over a month ago. I managed to lose 5 lbs which is all well and good but it’s not coming off fast enough. Which is why I need a blog and why this is technically day 1.

Breakfast: Rolled oats made with 1/2 milk, 1/2 water dried cherries. Topped with brown sugar, strawberry preserves and pecans + Coffee with 1/2 and 1/2 and sugar. (10)

Lunch: Pork & Vegetable Shumai+ 1 Apple+ Hot Tea(6)

Dinner: Green Beans+ Pork cutlets+ Barley with mushrooms and onions(11)

Desert: Banana Ice Cream +Peanut Butter+Chocolate (4)

All in all not a bad day food wise, but that’s always  easier to do when I am home all day.  Tomorrow is another day to stay on point =)

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I was always the thin friend. You know the one you love to hate becuase no one can possibly be that small? Yeah that was me. Somewhere along the line I started gaining weight. It was a little at a time and I’m not relaly sure when or how it happened. But somehow this girl that had never been more than a size 8 was wearing 12s and had gained 50lbs.

I eventually lost all of that weight and learned a lot about eating right and eating as unprocessed as possible. I swore after all that hard work I would never let myself get that big again.

Fast forward almost two years later and find me at horrible job. The stress and the crazy hours were horrible and I was also surrounded by unhealthy food. The next thing you know I’m back where I started.

I decided enough is enough. I’m surrounded with good food, I know how to eat right and move more. I’m going to not only do it again, but keep it off this time.

Are there plenty of other blogs like mine? Yep. I know what many of those blogs have helped me and I also know I am always looking for more inspiration, more recipes , and community. I also know I need the accountability.


All that being said welcome to my blog!

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