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Yesterday was just insane and today doesn’t look to be much calmer. Yesterday consisted of working for the day job followed by running around everywhere for the jewelry business. We finally found merchandise bags, a small printer, tent fold cards to use on our tables and a few other things. I got home very late and still had to clean the kitchen so I could make dinner. We didn’t even get to eating dinner until after 9, and I was starving. I then passed out.

I didn’t end up eating breakfast which I know is a bad thing.  Lunch was a lunch meeting at Olive Garden. I did look online at the nutrition information,  and I did choose what I was going to eat ahead of time. I did eat mindfully while I was there aka I didn’t dive into the bread basket and while I did order a second bowl of soup I ordered the minestrone. I should have stood up for myself and insisted the salad have no dressing , but it was business and I didn’t want to be a problem.

While we were out running errands for the jewelry biz I had an iced Cocoa Cappucino. I only had a tall to save on points, but I did forget to ask for it non-fat.

Dinner was a mushroom and potato soup with sour cream. I munched on a tangerine and a handful of baby carrots while I made dinner.

I’m off and running again. It’s early and I have already done a ton of things. Happy Saturday!

Day 5 in Week Target 29
Food Points Count
Coffee -2 27
Olive Garden-Minnestrone + Zuppa Toscana + Salad + 1 Bread Stick (over estimate) -18 9
Starbucks- Tall Iced Cocoa Cappuccino -4 5
Tangerine + Baby Carrots 0 5
Mushroom Soup -7 -2
Total: 31
Weekly points used: 2 – Remaining: 42

Table provided byRoni’s Food Journal Generator.


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Just when I get on huge issue straightened out it pops back up on me. Argh! These next few days should be interesting to say the least.

Any who…yesterday was a busy, busy day. I started out with an early lunch meeting. On my way back from that meeting I stopped to find bags for the jewelry biz. I didn’t find anything, and I had to get back to work so I still haven’t resolved that. I continued on home and did a ton of follow up phone calls. The  next thing I know it’s time to head off to a dinner meeting. I didn’t get home until after 9pm! All I could think of was crawling into bed and passing out.

Day 4 in Week Target 29
Food Points Count
Coffee -2 27
Lunch Meeting-Green salad w/ a bit of Italian dressing + Fruit Salad + Whole Wheat Roll + A taste of chicken salad (estimate) -6 21
Attain Bar (starving after lunch meeting) -5 16
Dinner Meeting-Cobb salad no dressing + one piece of garlic toast (estimate) -15 1
Total: 28
Weekly points used: 0 – Remaining: 44 in Week

Table provided byRoni’s Food Journal Generator.

As mentioned above today just got crazy. Not to mention that it’s looking like another busy day. I’m off and running again.

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Thankfully I got one huge stress resolved yesterday. There are still some small stresses lingering, but those too will be resolved with time.

Food wise yesterday was crazy, but within my daily points budget.

Day 3 in Week Target 29
Food Points Count
Coffee -2 27
At a Meeting-BLT & Green Salad -13 14
Handful of Baby Carrots +  A Tangerine 0 14
At Someone Else’s House While Working On Jewelry- Hot Dog, Dab of potato salad, Dab of mac. Salad & Dab of ambrosia salad (estimate) -14 0
Total: 29
Weekly points used: 0 – Remaining: 44 in Week

Table provided byRoni’s Food Journal Generator.

I’m off and running.  One the agenda today: running to two meetings, making a bunch of  phone calls for my job as membership in one networking groups, working on jewelry, shopping for table cards and handled bags for the jewelry business and who knows what else. Bye!

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Yesterday was a somewhat normal Tuesday. Not much to tell really. The only thing that made it somewhat different was how stressed I am. I feel like I’m right on the edge of a cliff with a situation and I am afraid to go over it. I’m trying to stop myself from thinking. I’m trying to just keep working and keep going.

Breakfast was a quick fruit and yogurt smoothie. Lunch was a slice of leftover spinach quiche with a salad on the side. Dinner was breakfast for dinner (a cheese and salami omelet with toast on the side).

Last night was supposed to be all about putting together one of each of the pieces jewelry I still haven’t put together. They need to be put on a model today and we have to have at least one of each of the new items to sell at the farmers market on Sunday. I also realized I need to price the new items before Sunday. I should have made some good progress to be on track to be ready for Sunday. Frankly, I just can’t think straight and the other half was attached to me.

Day 2 in Week Target 29
Food Points Count
Coffee -2 27
Smoothie -8 19
Leftover Spinach Quiche & Spring Green Salad w/ Lite Goddess Dressing -7 12
Breakfast For Dinner (salami and cheese omelet with toast and coffee) -16 -4
Total: 33
Weekly points used: 4 – Remaining: 44 in Week

Table provided byRoni’s Food Journal Generator.

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Today is a special day for me as I have tried writing a Journal entry post of sorts for the first time. I’ve been writing my blog, Dieting Delilah, for some years now as I wanted to share the things I’ve learned about dieting with my family, friends and fellow bloggers and readers.

 For you to better understand me I’ll start of writing a bit about myself. During my teens I was a fairly ordinary weight and didn’t have to worry too much about what I ate. In my late 20s and early 30s, I began to put weight on bit by bit. By the time I had my two beautiful daughters, my weight had nearly doubled – none of my clothes fit as I was several sizes larger than I used to be and I was always out of breath several times a day!

The main reason to lose weight has been the desire to be a healthy mum for my kids. I want to be able to run around with them and be there for them for a long time! I’ve got relations who have Type 2 Diabetes and the thought of my weight leading to that in addition scared me.

My two daughters with a friend goofing around on the beach.

My two daughters with a friend goofing around on the beach.

One day when I couldn’t keep up with one of my daughters I realized that I needed to tackle my weight in earnest, and do something about it to improve my health and my lifestyle ….and so my dieting journey began! (more…)

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I’ve been really struggling with myself today. I weighed in down .4 pounds. That may not sound too bad, but I am annoyed becuase I was expecting a big loss this week based on the scale numbers I saw all last week. So there is this tug of war going on in my head.

Part of me is saying

  • Only .4 pounds? You should have lost more.
  • You must have eaten too much this weekend
  • You’re taking forever to drop a couple of pounds. You’re never going to get out of the 160’s let alone to goal.
  • Darn the holidays for side tracking me

But the rational side of me is saying (more…)

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Happy Easter! I don’t know when I will be able to get back to the blog so here’s the plan for today. We are supposed to have the other half’s sister and her family over. It will be nice because we are usually over there all the time. It made sense to have everyone here because our backyard is huge, already mown and not flooded.

Breakfast is probably going to be a quick Vita Top. We have no more fruit left in the house so that isn’t an option. I’m not sure when everyone else will be here so I’m not sure what we are doing for lunch. If we need to put out munchies we have some crackers, salami, cheese and nuts. Otherwise it’s straight on to an early dinner. We are having ham, winter squash risotto and a roasted asparagus, spring greens and citrus salad. Desert is also up in the air. The other half’s brother in law was supposed to make cheesecake, but I don’t think he’s going to get around to it. We will probably have the angel food cake and strawberries we didn’t get around to eating last night. The nice thing about the menu is that ham is lean and I am making the sides. I will know what’s in most of tonights dinner and I can control the points values.

I’m off and running. Have a great day!

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