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I’m trying to get here and post; I really am. I think it’s been so hard because I am so busy, and it feels like no one reads this anyway. I keep telling myself that even if no one reads this I need to keep writing. I need to process through what is happening and how it affects what I eat. I need to vent and to celebrate. I also tell myself that even if one person gets something from me then it’s worth it. I honestly do care about what others get rather than what I get. To me that is the most  important thing.


That being said I have been busy. I have been working a lot for the day job. I have expanded the places I go to include chambers of commerce and women’s groups. I am also working hard to bring in more commercial/ new construction work. I feel like I have been really lagging on that front.


I have also been super busy with the jewelry biz.  We are finally opening up the boutique side of the business. The boutique part of the business includes handmade gift items. I have been busy researching shopping and sewing trying to get the boutique launched. I still have a ton of other crafty stuff to do , have to create a packet of introduction and have more shopping to do. I have also been busy working the farmers market. My partner and I have been working mostly all weekend every weekend. There have been special events going on down on the farm. Last weekend we had a hot rod show on the farm. So much fun =) This weekend is solstice at the farmers market.

As if I didn’t already have enough to do, I’ve picked up some extra work that’s very part-time and self scheduled. I need more work like I need a hole in my head ,but this is allowing me to monetize some of my down time and bring extra money into the house.



That’s what I’ve been up to in a nutshell. The house is a mess, I am exhausted and the more I get done the more that needs to be done. I last weighed in at 168 lbs. I’m trying hard to stay on point this week and track everything. If all goes well I will be back later with a menu. Here’s to hoping this will be a good day!


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