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Because of everything that has been going on I was determined to track today. I don’t want to undo my hard work and gain a ton of weight. I don’t want to feel icky because I have been stressed, drinking too much coffee and not eating right. I also know that any bit of structure I can impose is going to help me feel more in control.

I made some mistakes at breakfast. I wasn’t going to have much coffee because I know my tummy is a bit off. I wasn’t going to order anything heavy. I ended up having French Toast and drinking a lot of coffee. What I did do right was was have a small portion, know the Points + value before I ordered, skipped the butter, went very light on the syrup and substituted egg whites (the picture below is not exactly what I had, but close enough).



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A week? Really? How have I not posted in a week? Well lets see there was a thousand meetings, taking care of stuff at home and weekends working the farmers market. I guess it has been a week. Sheesh. Rather than a monstorus re-cap I’ll just say it’s been crazy and I don’t even want to know what I weigh. That being said I am trying really hard to take control this week. Why is it that I see some success on the scale and then just lose it (the momentum and my brain lol).

Yesterday was a breakfast meeting. I have never been to this group before and had a bit of an ordering snafu which I will spare you the details of.  I ended up having coffee, 2 pancakes, 1 scrambled egg, 2 bacon and blackberry jam (15 Points + estimate). I was not looking for this big of a breakfast, but it happened. (more…)

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Upside Down

Upside down is exactly how I feel right now. Some things have changed at work and I’m still trying hard to wrap my mind around the changes. I also have to figure out  how to make the changes work for me , work for my position and work for the good of our company and my boss. I have no problem doing whatever I can to make my bosses’ life easier or any of the other changes. It’s more figuring out how to make them work and still doing the best job I can for my boss and the company.

I also have some stuff I’m trying to straighten out for the jewelry business. It’s not so much the straightening out that’s difficult it’s  really something else. The feeling that I’m not good enough, and the feeling that I am letting my partner down, and the feeling that I’m afraid she’s going to think I don’t want to help. Add that to the stress at work and some other things going on around the house and I feel thoroughly turned upside down and stressed out.

Breakfast was just a couple of clementines. I wanted coffee but my stomach said otherwise, and I knew I had a meeting at Starbucks later in the day (0 Points +).


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Hello again. Boy has the bunny been hoppy. She keeps running between the office and under our bed and playing with her toys and just generally being busy and extremely cute.

Breakfast was coffee and some fruit (2 Points +). I really didn’t feel like I wanted anything else. I think it’s because I have been eating more than usual the last couple of days.

Lunch was at a local bakery during a meeting. We have been eating buffet style which has been nice. I load up on the veggies and can avoid the heavy stuff without having to do a bunch of special ordering which I never like doing when they are trying to serve 20+ other people plus the regular customers in the restaurant. I had half a roast beef sandwich, a cookie and salad. (14 Points + estimate)

Dinner was supposed to be one of our vegetarian nights. I was going to make mushroom sandwiches again. I made the mushroom sandwiches , but they had meat in them. I didn”t realize when I ordered 2lbs of meat from the meat farm that it would come in one two pound package not two one pound pacakges. In a way it doesn’t bother me, but I am trying to make the meat in our freezer last as long as possible.

Anyway, that’s a long way to say we had beef and mushroom melts with salad and oven baked steak fries (13 Points + estimate)

No desert last night. I didn’t need it and I didn’t need the extra points.

Day 2 in Week Target 29
Food Points Count
Coffee -2 27
1/2 Sandwich + Salad + Cookie (estimate) -13 14
Beef and Mushroom Melt + Baked Fries + Salad (estimate) -13 1
Coffee (brought to me by the other half) -2 -1
Total: 30
Weekly points used: 1 – Remaining: 29 in Week

Table provided byRoni’s Food Journal Generator.

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Wow was that a long weekend. I’m hoping for a slower week and weekend. We’ll see how that works out for me.

Yesterday, breakfast was the usual oatmeal served with milk and brown sugar eaten while at my usual breakfast meeting (7 Points +)

I also had a venti, non-fat,  caramel macchiato. With as long as last weekend was I knew I needed the strong stuff in large quantities (6 Points +). Let me tell you it was worth every point =)

From Starbucks.com


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Wow…what a weekend. It is Monday right?


After a full day of work I had three children dropped off Friday evening. We had the other half’s sister’s little ones until Sunday morning. I made sure I had a general idea of what we were going to do with them. I had activities and games at the ready and the menu was all planned.

Breakfast was an egg sandwich. I don’t why but it sounded good. Egg, bread, pepper jack and Canadian bacon(9 Points +).

Lunch was leftover lasagna (9 Points+). It sounded so good and boy was it.  Because my meat is grass fed and from the farm I never know, or can control the fat content. In this case I know I had less than a serving, but I counted it as a serving to try to add a little room for extra calories.

Dinner was a nice pot of  lightened up home made chicken corn chowder made with the help of the little ones. Yes, this is May but I live in Washington and my high was only in the 50’s today and we are in the 40’s tonight. I served the soup with a side of salad (11 Points +).

After a movie we tucked the munchkins in an passed out. (more…)

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A quick catch up of what happened yesterday.

Yesterday’s breakfast and lunch were at home. Well, lunch at least was. By the time I got hungry for breakfast I couldn’t summon the motivation to go downstairs and make it. How sad is that?  Lunch was a slice of leftover zucchini cheese quiche with a side of cantaloupe and refried beans (weird but we were cleaning out the fridge).

Dinner was also kinda skipped. I usually make sure I eat a little something before Bunco but that didn’t happen this time. While out I planned to followed the same stratagey I did l last time (eat one plate only all the light stuff and allow for a couple of treats). This time there was more main dishes, and what I brought was the only desert. I had some tea , a few tortilla chips, a slice of Hawaiian pizza and a couple of pieces of my desert. I went ahead and estimated what I know I ate. I will go ahead and leave extra flexies to cover anything I missed or mis counted.  (more…)

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