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After I got Saturday’s blog done I got myself cleaned up and made some Kodiak Cakes. We don’t love eggs. Sometimes we want them, or I’m doing a lot of baking so we have them in the house. Other times the thought of eggs makes us want to puke. This means that when we are in the mood for pancakes we can’t always make them. I have been looking for an all natural, instant pancake mix for a long time. I finally saw Kodiak Cakes on various healthy living blogs. Haagen had them on sale this week so I thought I would try them. I was actually excited to make breakfast this morning.

Kodiak Cakes



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Today has been a busy, busy day. In one way I am excited that jobs are coming in (it means I am doing my job =) ) in another way how can we be this busy when it’s only March?

I started off my day with Cream of Wheat and coffee again. It was at this point that I was once again reminded of the fact that we had almost no food in the house. We were so low on food it was bordering on ridiciulous.

Later in the day when I realized it was almost 2pm and I stil hadn’t eaten I decided to run out to grab food and groceries. I knew I could make up any lost work time this evening, and as I just said the grocery situation was desperate. (more…)

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Coffee a’ Cocoa has started popping up on food blogs all over the internet. When I saw it at Trader Joes I just knew I had to give it a try.

The coffee itself was nice and balanced not bitter at all. It has a stronger chocolate smell than flavor but I still really liked it. I’m thinking I’d like to add some cinamon to the grounds before I brew up a pot. I’m thinking Mayan mocha kind of a flavor. I also do a  ton of baking and regulary add coffee to chocolate baked goods. Using this cocoa coffee in a baked good could be interesting.

If you will excuse me I have more coffee to brew =)


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