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Wohoo! One more day to Friday. Today has been a mish mosh of things. I started off the morning with coffee + rolled oat oatmeal (6 Points+). I got a bunch of stuff done for work including hatching a plan to have the day job and my own business come together in a way.

I then ran some errands with the other half’s sister. I was so sick of either being at home or out at meetings. I just wanted to get out for no other reason than being out. I also knew I had time for a  lunch break today and I didn’t get a lunch break yesterday. It was nice to get out. We also picked up a few things the jewelry business needs so we can show at farmers markets this Spring and Summer. I made some great choice while we were out. I counted the sample of Pop Chips and the sample of Strawberry Creme Frappucinno I had. I also chose to not get Teriyaki with the other half’s sister. Instead I chose to eat at home and threw together pepper jack quesadillas with a tangerine on the side (8 Points +). The little quesadillas were really, really good. Even though they are ridiculously simple I decided to write up a quick recipe. (more…)


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I have a recipe and cookbook addiction. How do I reconcile this addiction with trying to lose weight? I use a lot of lower fat cookbooks that use whole foods.  I also like to find recipes online that are Weight Watchers friendly or can be adapted to be Weight Watchers friendly. I thought it would be fun to feature some of these recipes, or recipes that I adapt to make them healthier. (more…)

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Another mellow day around here not much to report. More working from home and having a slow day. If it doesn’t stop raining around here I’m going to need to build an ark (also works for tsunamis). It never really stopped raining or got warm last summer. It’s just been raining and snowing for months. I love Seattle but I definitely love and savor the sun breaks we usually get even on rainy days.

Day 5 in Week Target 29
Food Points Count
Smoothie + Coffee -8 21
1/2 Turkey & Provolone Sandwich + Salad -7 14
Non Fat Latte -3 11
1 Crepa + Salad -11 0
Total: 29
Weekly points used: 0 – Remaining: 45 – Overall: Great Day! I may use some points for desert 😉

Table provided byRoni’s Food Journal Generator. (more…)

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This is a super simple on the go breakfast. The downside is it is a little high in sugar and it’s hard to find natural drink mixes. However, it is quick, flexible and supplies a lot of nutrition. Plus who doesn’t love a chocolate milk shake for breakfast =)

Chocolate Banana Milk Shake (7 pp when made with Attain)

1 Cup Fat Free Milk

1 Serving Chocolate Powdered Drink Mix (Melaleuca Attain, Carnation Instant Breakfast etc.)

1 Banana (Frozen)

Instructions: Add the milk, drink mix and frozen banana to the blender. Blend until smooth.

Optional Add In Ideas: Other fresh and /or frozen fruits, cinnamon, spinach, flax or chia seeds, oats , peanut butter


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I was starving the other day and didn’t have much time or many groceries in the house. This may not be orignial but it sure was delicious. For those of you who follow Weight Watchers this counts as 3.  For a more filling snack or for breakfast add a piece of free fruit on the side. Not too bad.


1/2 Cup Non Fat Greek Yogurt (I used one from Trader Joes)

1 T  Fruit Preserves (I used a local, all natural blackberry one)

1/4 Cup Something Crunchy (I used a crunchy cinnamon fiber cereal that was a little like granola)

Instructions: Swirl the preserves into the yogurt. Top with crunchy topping

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