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I Make Jewelry!



Here is a piece that is still in the testing and development phase.


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I’m trying to get here and post; I really am. I think it’s been so hard because I am so busy, and it feels like no one reads this anyway. I keep telling myself that even if no one reads this I need to keep writing. I need to process through what is happening and how it affects what I eat. I need to vent and to celebrate. I also tell myself that even if one person gets something from me then it’s worth it. I honestly do care about what others get rather than what I get. To me that is the most  important thing.


That being said I have been busy. I have been working a lot for the day job. I have expanded the places I go to include chambers of commerce and women’s groups. I am also working hard to bring in more commercial/ new construction work. I feel like I have been really lagging on that front.


I have also been super busy with the jewelry biz.  We are finally opening up the boutique side of the business. The boutique part of the business includes handmade gift items. I have been busy researching shopping and sewing trying to get the boutique launched. I still have a ton of other crafty stuff to do , have to create a packet of introduction and have more shopping to do. I have also been busy working the farmers market. My partner and I have been working mostly all weekend every weekend. There have been special events going on down on the farm. Last weekend we had a hot rod show on the farm. So much fun =) This weekend is solstice at the farmers market.

As if I didn’t already have enough to do, I’ve picked up some extra work that’s very part-time and self scheduled. I need more work like I need a hole in my head ,but this is allowing me to monetize some of my down time and bring extra money into the house.



That’s what I’ve been up to in a nutshell. The house is a mess, I am exhausted and the more I get done the more that needs to be done. I last weighed in at 168 lbs. I’m trying hard to stay on point this week and track everything. If all goes well I will be back later with a menu. Here’s to hoping this will be a good day!

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It’s been another long week. Lots of networking, mixers , forming strategic partnerships etc. I am proud to say that I did a pretty good job of keeping things together. Even with eating out , mixers etc. I still stayed within my Points + budget.  I worked hard to make plans for each day and I stuck to them. I planned for rough days and carried food with me, I planned for eating out and made smart choices. Going forward I need to be more careful to include enough fresh fruits and vegetables.


Where things kind of fell apart was this weekend at the farmers market. Saturday I had way too much coffee filled with way too many additives. For breakfast I had an Attain bar rather than some good fresh produce and whole foods. Lunch was a sandwich on a croissant that also included bacon. Dinner was not full of fresh produce. If Saturday was bad Sunday was a disaster that we won’t go into. Going forward I need to carry more produce for munching,  find other things to do when bored other than munching and keep a bank of Points + for the weekend. I think this will be easier to do since going forward we will only be working one day most weekends. Also, as time goes by we will get produce people at the markets.


I’m also having a problem with weigh ins. I weigh in low all week, then after the weekend I weigh in high on Monday. It usually only takes a day or two for my weight to go back down.  I don’t want to change my weigh in day because I like knowing exactly what I have to play with on the weekend, also I like starting the week off fresh on Monday. I’ll think about it.


Today begins a new week. I’m off to get it started right =)

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14 Days

14 days is how long it’s been since I have had a day off. Well, I think it’s 14 days because at this point I’m not really sure. With the changes at work I am a ton busier and I’m all over the place. In addition to that I’ve been working at the farmers market all weekend with the jewelry business. We had originally signed up for just Sunday because we thought we would be at another market on Saturdays.  The other market fell through and we had no where to sell on Saturday. We wanted to add Saturdays to this market but we were already paid up for the month for Sundays and couldn’t switch to Saturdays. The solution was to add Saturdays and work both days until the end of the month. It’s a ton of work, but we saw that this market is a lot busier and has more vendors and events on Saturday. I always find it funny that I am so wiped out after the market. Setup and tear down does take some work , but most of the day I do nothing.


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Sunday truly was productively unproductive. I got some work done for the day job and for the jewelry business. I also got some household chores done. Yet I still managed to be lazy and read and play with the animals.

Breakfast was coffee (2 Points+) and my best Kodiak Cake sandwich to date. I stuck Marion berries in the batter when I made my Kodiak cake. Then I made my usual Kodiak cake sandwich with peanut butter and honey (6 Points +). Yum =)

Since breakfast was late I skipped lunch and went for some fruit late in the afternoon  and made dinner a little on the early side. I made mushroom melts. I caramelized down some mushrooms and onion and put them on a blues bun and topped them with smoked and jalapeno jack cheeses. I served the melts with a side of tater tots (I have a weakness for them even though they are not real food). I would have planned a lighter more nutritious dinner had I realized how much eating out we would do this week. (more…)

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I don’t think it’s ever going to  stop raining this Spring. Don’t get me wrong we’ve had sun breaks here and there, and an occasional sunny day, but it never lasts.

Today I skipped my usual morning meetings. I have been around people who have been really sick. I’m afraid I’m going to come down with it because of how my throat feels, and I really didn’t want to take the chance of  getting everyone sick.

Today was mostly uneventful. There is however a lot of family stuff going on right now. The other half’s sister flew down to California tonight on very short notice. We’re probably going to be doing some extra munchkin wrangling this week. We had the kids tonight while their dad was driving their mom down to the airport. We also took care of dinner for everyone tonight. It was fun to have company =) (more…)

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Today started off as usual; laundry and chores. Later, I went to the zoo with the other half’s sister and her family. We had lunch in the park in front of  the zoo then spent the rest of the day wandering around. Some highlights:


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